History of 291 Charlotte Street

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1909: Dr. Herbert A. Wood, a Peterborough dentist, commissioned the construction of the original red-brick house.

1912: Dr. Norman Henry Sutton practiced from this location as the first Orthopaedic Specialist in the area. Among other positions of responsibility, he was president of the Peterborough Medical Society.

1915: Dr. Mars McClelland, an Anatomy lecturer at the Nicholls Nursing School, conducted his medical profession from this building.

1923: Dr. David W. Clark practiced for 14 years in pontypool where he was a CPR Physician, coroner and MOH. In 1923, Dr.Clark moved to 291 Charlotte Street, where he lived with his family and also maintained his medical office. He was president of the Medical Staff, Nicholls Hospital in 1929.

1944: Dr. J. Ralph Clark, son of Dr. David Clark, took over from his father, and developed a large family/surgical practice at this location. Dr. Warren Gamble joined the medical office. He did all his own anaesthesia work with Dr. Clark doing the surgical parts of the procedures in the practice.

1970: Dr. Peter Angus Clark joined his father, Dr. Ralph Clark and Dr. Warren Gamble. In 1988, he retired from family practice to become Regional Coroner for Central Ontario. Dr. Peter Clark founded the first All Ontario Doctor’s Hockey Tournament, in Peterborough 1983. In 1987 he received the Solicitor General’s Crime proofing Award.

1988: Blushing Brides, a bridal boutique, leased the lower level of the building.

2000: Heritage Spa took over from Blushing Brides and continues to operate a successful business.

2011: Jennifer and Nathan Chambers purchased 291 Charlotte Street. Jennifer Chambers, BPHE, RMT, owns and manages Century Health, a Registered Massage Therapy Clinic.With approval from the City of Peterborough, Jennifer and Nathan will complete renovations to improve the outside façade of 291 Charlotte Street.

Source: The past is Simply a Beginning “Peterborough Doctors 1825–1993”, John Walter Martin.