Meditation Teacher Training

August 14 -18 @ Sky Studio, 291 Charlotte Street, Peterborough
This meditation course is designed for Yoga Teachers with a sincere interest in meditation. We will explore the four pillars of human consciousness:

The Tantra component includes yogic, vedantic, and ayurvedic approaches, and initiation into several mantras.

The Buddhist component includes the ravada, vajrana, and mahayana practices as well as the secular practice of mindfulness.


Zen is meeting of Buddhism and Daoism, and we will look at its journey from China, to Japan, to America, as well as its contemporary interpretation of the Dharma, exploring the relationship between personal transformation and social transformation.

The objectives are:

  • To present a broad overview of a variety of meditation techniques
  • To encourage each student to develop their own approach to meditation
  • To develop the skills to share meditation with others

This Meditation Teach Training consists of 25 contact hours and a minimum of 35 hours of self-directed study and practice where students can follow the meditative direction that most appeals to them.
E-RYT 500