@RASA_Ayurveda is proud to offer an 8-WEEK SERIES of AYURYOGA & MEDITATION classes/mini-workshops, guided by Lisa.

TUESDAYS (Sept. 18 – Nov. 6)
7pm – 8:30pm
Sky Studio, Peterborough (291 Charlotte St.)

Throughout this time together, we will explore the power of AYURVEDA–the ancient healing system of India–to guide us into the depths of Presence. We will learn about each Dosha and how approaching your yoga practice from an Ayurvedic perspective can lead to better health and self-connection. We will utilize the time-tested tools of Yogic…

↠ASANA (postures)
↠PRANAYAMA (breathing techniques)
↠MANTRA(sacred syllables)
↠DHARANA (concentration)
↠DHYANA (Meditation)

Over 8 weeks, we will explore and understand the 3 Ayurvedic Doshas (constitutions), VATA, PITTA & KAPHA. Every single being is predominant in 1-2 of the Doshas. We will learn how each Doshic-type can be brought into balance, improved health and their natural state of being through Yoga & Meditation practices that are specifically geared towards the needs of their Ayurvedic profile.

The greater focus of these classes, however, will be to shift from the default mode of identification with and belief in thought-material to a discovering and abidance in the seat of the Witness, irregardless of your Dosha!

Physical, mental and emotional benefits will certainly be reaped naturally and effortlessly; this is simply the nature of Yoga & Ayurveda. But this class is intended to facilitate the discovery of your innate perfection irregardless of outer circumstances. From this ‘place,’ you can get out of life’s way. You can loosen and even let go of your grip on the perceived steering wheel of your existence and allow Life to unfold in its most natural and miraculous expression.

Sky Studio is an intimate and warm gathering space in which we can drop deeper inside within the supportive structure of community. Although Yoga and meditation can feel daunting and even scary to the mind, we will be exploring these realms together, revealing our Sameness in the apparent separation.

Lisa is a 500hr Certified Yoga Instructor with a deep love for Advaita Vedanta (Self-Inquiry), Meditation, Yoga and Ayurveda. These ancient offerings are the real teachers and Lisa acts simply as a facilitator and supportive presence. Her genuine love, sweetness and desire for all beings to live more Freely can be felt in its purity of intention and throughout every offering.

Full 8 Week Series: $120 ($15/class)
Drop-In: $18
TO REGISTER: email-transfer to rasa.ayurveda.apothecary@gmail.com soon as space is limited.
Please join me in the heart!
With love,
Lisa & RASA Ayurveda